I was born on 4 April 1953. MY parents were Holocaust survivors and came to Israel in 1945.

I grew up on Kibbutz LEHAVOT HABASHAN, which is in the north of the country and was 500m from the Syrian border until the Six Day War in 1967.

I was educated in the Kibbutz system.   

In 1972, I enlisted in the army and was accepted into an elite unit, which today is allowed to be named – Sayeret Matkal (the General Staff Special Forces).

I successfully finished the combat soldier course and was sent to Officers School in order to return and receive command of a squad within the unit. 

In 1976, when an Air France airliner was hijacked and rerouted to Entebbe, I was the Operations Officer of the unit, under the command of Yoni Netanyahu z”l. 

In his capacity as Operations Officer of the unit, I was in involved throughout the week, preparing the unit for the Operation.

Amongst other things, I coordinated between the unit and General Dan Shomron, the Commander of the Operation, and the coordination required between the unit and the Israeli Air Force.

During the Operation

 I arrived with the first Hercules that landed in the airport; I was in the car that drove behind the famous Mercedes, up to the terminal. Part of the 33 officers and soldiers who comprised the first assault group who freed the hostages at the  old terminal in Entebbe.

After Yoni Netanyahu was wounded, I drove him to the Hercules, where a team of medical professionals were waiting, but unfortunately they could not save Yoni’s life.

Later, I was the commander who led the rescued hostages to the Hercules.

Upon returning to Israel, I continued to serve in the unit, and was a Special Operations Commander until 1980.

After I was released from active duty, I helped establish the reserves unit.

At age 50, I was released from doing reserve service.

I am married, has two daughters and grandfather to five grandchildren.

In 1990, I finished my studies is physiotherapy at the University of Tel Aviv, and since that time i worked as a physiotherapist in various positions, including, among other things, as a physiotherapist for the Israeli Olympic team. 

In 1993, Me and my family moved to Kibbutz Maagan Michael, where they still live today.

In 2016 Turned 40 year of operation Entebbe hostage rescue, and this is the first time that I took the liberty of writing personal stories.

Memory that was deep inside waiting  -  Born.

Thus I found myself writing my memories of that week as if it happened yesterday. 

In a story with memory as used, together with my personal biography as a second-generation Holocaust survivors. 

In recent years I've been telling my story in front of Jewish teenagers in Hebrew Ulpan in Maagan Michael. A unique youth, get motivated, made Aliyah, and enlist as soldiers for the army.

Since 2016 - 40st Anniversary Commemorating I invited by Israeli and Jewish communities around the world to share  my personal stories and story of "Operation Yonatan" 

After 40 years.

More and more I realize how Entebbe influenced and shaped over 40 years, the ties taking place openly and concealed between Jewish communities around the world and the State of Israel. 

Rescued 104 Jews without meaning if they carry Israeli passport or another one


Its took me 40 years to realized that meaning.

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