Judaic Art Program

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Judaic Art Program - For Children 

Instructor:  Mrs. Elena Malakhovskiy, professional art teacher and sculptor, has more than 25 years of teaching experience.
Judaica Art Session #1
Students will create unique sun catchers using Plexiglass. This class is unique in that it will be based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  The students will not only be producing fine art, but also studying the beauty of the Hebrew letters. Our goal is for the students to see the infinite possibilities of the letter shapes, uncover the specific meaning of each letter and ultimately create a unique piece of art. 
Judaica Art Session #2
Introduction to painting: The students will practice different painting techniques to get to know the response of art material better and to try to release their inner creative self.
This session will contain 6 lessons: a pre-test, a brief overview of the types of paintings, a brief theory of color, an attempt to work on decorative flat painting, and mosaic painting and dry brush techniques.
The students will be working on easels using tempera paint, professional brushes and drawing paper.
Judaica Art Session #3
This session will involve working with ceramics. [A more in-depth description to come...]
Other sessions planned for the year will include: Decorative Plates, Art Tiles, Hands-On Art History, and more!
The program is open to all children ages 5 & up.
For fees & more information or to register for this program please contact,
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