November, 2008

The students are still working diligently perfecting their reading skills. They are making great progress! We would like to encourage all our students to keep practicing at home as this makes a world of a difference in their reading abilities!

In the purple level, the students are practicing reading efficiently and without mistakes. In the brown level, the students are working to reach a goal of reading 30-60 words a minute. At the same time, they are practicing script writing. The 2nd and 3rd graders have received their new Hebrew writing books, and students in Morah Rebecca's 6th and 7th grade language class have received their new Hebrew language books

Kindergarten/1st Grade

Every week Morah Mushka’s kindergarten/1st grade class begins with singing the Hebrew prayers and songs. We encourage the children to bring a coin each week to share for tzedakah (charity).

This past month we learned how the world was created in six days, and that G‑d rested on the seventh (Shabbat). We had fun working on our little books to remind us of what was created on each day. 

We heard the story of Noah and the flood. We imagined how noisy it may have been in the ark by making animals sounds and clapping our hands to imitate the rain water pouring down.

We also learned about little Abraham who first discovered G‑d at the age of three. G‑d told Abraham to leave his homeland, and to travel to another land. This new land became the "Promised Land" of Israel. G‑d also promised Abraham that he would have many children - as many as the sand and stars. (Of course, we are all the children of Abraham).

The children have been learning a new Hebrew letter each week and also learn a Hebrew word that begins with the corresponding letter. They have fun practicing writing the Hebrew letters of their names using play-doh. The older children in the first grade began working on their reading skills in the Aleph Champ Reading Program.

Judaic Classes - 2nd through 5th Grades

The students in Morah Chaya's Judaic classes have been learning about the topic of Tefillah (prayer). They talked about how prayer connects us to G‑d, how we use this opportunity to thank G‑d for all the good that we have and to ask for things that we need. Each student thought about something special that they had to be grateful for. They then took a tour to see the synagogue and explored its different features with a synagogue scavenger hunt.

The fourth and fifth graders were honored to have Rabbi Bronstein take out the Torah and do a model Torah Reading for them. The students looked into the Torah to see if they could find the Hebrew letters of their names.

We discussed how important the atmosphere of the synagogue was. The students tried to imagine performing the roles of the synagogue in various locations - such as the beach, or the amusement park, but realized it was difficult to act appropriately when in the wrong setting. We discovered that the best atmosphere for tefillah is to be amongst others doing the same thing in a place that is designated for that specific purpose.

The students then pretended to be architects and did their best to design a synagogue with all its features.

The highlight of the next few weeks is the topic of Kashrut (kosher food). We discussed how when we do a Mitzvah, a good deed, we can transform the mundane into holy. For example, a fire becomes holy when we use it to light the Shabbat candles. Or, when we run to visit a friend who is sick, we make our own selves more holy. The way we make food holy is by eating kosher food and reciting the blessing.

The second and third graders pretended to be detectives and were able to identify the kosher items. They searched for the many kosher symbols found on different food items. In the next few weeks, the students will be studying the definitions of kosher animals and fish and learn the art of separating meat & dairy. The fourth and fifth grade class entered the 'Kosher chef challenge' and will be creating different kosher recipes!

History & Rashi – 6th & 7th Grade

After an extensive review of the History Timeline beginning from creation, we began to study about King David and King Solomon's lives in detail. Students were asked to describe the personality of King David. Adjectives such as brave, clever, kind, caring, poetic, and humble were all precise! We discussed their trials, successes, and difficulties. The students will be studying the layout of the Holy Temple (built by King Solomon) and attempt to build some of its vessels as well.

In Rashi class, the students first had fun discovering yet a new font of Hebrew script. They studied a Rashi text on how G‑d himself came to visit Abraham when he was sick and how we learn from this about the beautiful Mitzvah (good deed) of visiting the sick.

Congratulations to the following students of Aleph Champ:

Jesse Finn - passed Red

Leah Epstein - passed orange

Seth Grosz - passed orange

Roy Mallach - passed orange

Michael Forgue - passed yellow

Michael Cohen - passed green

Andrew Forgue - passed green

Julia Krupnik - passed green

Isaac Finn - passed green

Ron Mallach - passed blue

David Bel - passed blue

Mathew Gaman - passed blue

REMINDER: We will not be having classes on Sunday, November 30th for Thanksgiving Weekend


Wishing Everyone A Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Faigy Bronstein

and the staff at Chabad MV Hebrew School

September, 2008
It was such a pleasure to see everyone again at Hebrew School this year. We would like to welcome our new students: Allan Chak, Oren Cohen, Daniel Katsev, Amitai Orshahar, Hannah Finn, Jesse Finn, Isaac, Finn, Roy Malach, Ron Malach, Miguel Goldfield, and David Bel.
The first day got off to a great start!  On Sept. 7th we had a lot of fun at orientation.  All students were introduced, they got to meet their Hebrew teachers and received cute envelopes which contained the "tools for a happy new year."
The children then had a great time at the Shofar Factory.  They watched a demo on how the Shofar is made and prepared for use, and even learned how to blow them! It is not easy to learn, but by the days end everyone was able to master the art of blowing the shofar!  Thank You Michael Cohen for demonstrating how the shofar sounds are made! 
Everyone then made their own shofar.  Wearing protective glasses, they drilled holes into their shofar to create a mouthpiece and sanded them down.
Our first day of classes was very busy.  The students practiced reading with Morah Rebecca.  After a long summer, there was so much to remember and to review!! 
The theme for the first few weeks is "getting ready for the high holidays." 
Each class was busy studying what we do on these special days.  The kindergarten and 1st grade (Morah Mushka's class) are preparing a beautiful book that describes this special holiday. Students in Morah Chaya's class (grades 2 -5) have been completing booklets and worksheets with details to customs and traditions.  Grades 6-7 have been studying the deeper reasons behind all the customs with Morah Bronstein. All students had fun creating honey dish crafts. 
As the students will continue to study through games, songs and hands- on activities, please look out for our special and personal New year Greeting Cards soon to come!
Wishing you a Shana Tova,
A Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year
Mrs. Faigy Bronstein
August, 2008
Please join us for School Orientation and Shofar Factory on Sunday, September 7 at 10:00am.  We will have a short interactive program for the children, and you will have a chance to meet with your child's teachers and to become acquainted with the learning curriculum. 

The Shofar Factory presentation will begin at 11:00am following the Orientation program.
At the Shofar Factory, students will join in the creation of a kosher shofar. The horn is cured, sawed, drilled and polished. Once their shofar is completed, students will learn how to sound it and practice the traditional sequence of notes blown on Rosh Hashana. A slide show about Rosh Hashana adds to the learning and the fun.
Optional for older children and adults: Do it yourself workshop
Students will each make their own shofar! - This is only recommended for children in grades 4 & up.  There will be a charge of $9.00 per shofar for this workshop. Please call or e-mail to reserve your own shofar.
June, 2008
Dear Parents,
    Another amazing year has gone by at Chabad Hebrew School. It was a pleasure to see the children singing so happily the many Hebrew songs at the presentation.  The oldest class presented us with a humorous skit - speaking only in Ivrit (Hebrew language)!
    The students have learned so much this year both in perfecting their reading skills and the Hebrew language, and on Jewish History, our heritage, holidays and customs and understanding Mitzvot.
    We are taught that "a man is like a tree" for just like a tree must be nurtured when it's young and it continues to grow tall and strong - so too as we continue to nurture our young children with a good education we will derive much pleasure from them as they grow older and stronger.
    This year the students and parents also participated in planting yet another tree at Chabad Hebrew School!
    We would like to congratulate all our students who have worked hard this year as they continued to progress in the different levels of the Aleph Champ program. Congratulations to the students who have mastered the Aleph Champ Reading Program -  reaching the Siddur level.  The students in this level have been presented with their very own Siddur!
A special congratulations to the students who have mastered the black level.  The students in this level have been presented with a beautiful Aleph-Champ trophy!
    With best wishes for a wonderful summer and looking forward to seeing you all again next year,
Mrs. Faigy Bronstein, Hebrew School Director