Major Pasquale Russolillo


Both my parents were born in Italy thus making me first generation Italian American. I have an older brother Nick who is special needs and my younger sister Julia who has 3 wonderful children.

I am married to the most beautiful lady in the world, Frances and we have 4 wonderful children. My son, John David 25 years of age, Jacqueline 23, Julia 18 and Josephine 15.

I was brought up in the North End of Boston. I graduated from Northeastern University in 1985 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

In 1988 I joined the Nashua New Hanmpshire Police Department. I served the citizens of Nashua for 5 years.

In 1993 I became a member of the Massachusetts State Police. My first 3 years on the job I worked out of the Andover State Police Barracks. I then was recruited by John O’Malley the Commander of the Special Service Section. Primary focus was the New England Mafia.

I had an exceptional 15 year career within this Unit and received numerous awards for dismantling the New England Mafia. I was recognized as one of the Top Organized Crime Investigators in America.

I was promoted to Sergeant in 2008.

In 2012 I was among 220 Sergeants that took the Lieutenants Exam and scored number 1.

In 2015 I was among 150 Lieutenants that took the Captains Exam and scored number 7.

I was the Executive Captain for two years in Troop C.

June 2017 I was promoted to the rank of Major and was chosen to Command Troop A the busiest Troop in the Commonwealth.

I am extremely involved with rasing awareness for Special Olympics in addition to fundraising for this great cause. I have also started to make people aware of the Shriners Hospital and hope to raise some money in the very near future.

In addition, I contribute my time to other great causes such as feeding the homeless in the City of Lawrence as well as providing services to the Lawrence Senior Center.